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The end of an era.

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

© The Kilmahew Education Trust.

When we acquired The Kilmahew Estate, there was a need to acknowledge the history and its somewhat chequered past, while setting a new and vibrant future for this immensely unique Estate. Part of this strategy was completed a few weeks ago when we invited a well known architectural filming company to close the chapter on the abandoned structures and allow us the ability to start the next chapter of renewal, reuse and reimagining the spaces and structures held within.

Filming started bright and early and by early I mean, little children on a Christmas morning early, even the birds were disturbed from their slumber! There was a lot of ground to cover and very few precious autumn hours with which to accomplish it. Filming equipment and drones were unpacked and then repacked in backpacks and carried on a motorised skateboard to the first location. All a very surreal experience for the morning dog walkers we encountered along the way.

Once we reached the 'jewel in the crown', the Seminary Complex, drones were then expertly deployed and filming the wondrous and monolithic structures began. It is amazing to get several views and different perspectives to buildings that have been viewed from the ground or a slightly raised level previously. It brought all the schematic drawings made by Isi Metzstein and Andy McMillan, that we have been studying for so long, to life.

After a few hours and many conversations with people stumbling across us and wondering what we were up to, it seemed a lunch break was in order. Discussions began in earnest about the running order and which interviews should be filmed and where. Filming of the wider Estate was then earmarked for the next session and lunch was hastily consumed.

We wandered down to the Barrs Road to collect our Interviewee and brought them back to the Seminary buildings for a longer session and some hair raising filming. It is not often that the sight of a man on a skateboard tracking the narrator is a spectator sport, only this man was holding heavy filming equipment whist manoeuvring himself at the exact same speed backwards over rough terrain. Very impressive, if not watch through your fingers, scary.

At this point the light was beginning its drop towards sunset and there was a frenetic last push to get all the angles and shots the producer required before the light had reduced its self to a glorious multi coloured show in the sky. Disappointingly 'its a wrap' was never heard, but filming came to an end and with it what we hope will be the end of this 'abandoned' era of the Kilmahew Estate.

Onwards and upwards as we plough the new furrow in this remarkable and enduring landscape.

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