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Listed Building- Category A

The Convent building, designed by Isi Metzstein and Andy MacMillan is a tour de force in Modernist architecture, having the form of both curves and linear structures.

The Convent : About Us
© The Kilmahew Education Trust_

The History of the Convent.

The Convent building was inspired by both the Le Corbusier Chapel at Ronchamp and La Tourette. This can been seen in the curved columns holding the structure and the kitchen block infront of the Convent with its curved and floating wing like structures on its roof line. It is subservient to other buildings in the Complex, as only a few nuns were on site.

The Convent : About
© Maddie Howard

The future of the Convent.

The Convent buildings are a compact structure. The Kilmahew Education Trust would like to sympathetically restore this with sustainable materials and, where once this was a multi roomed level, we would look to transform it into an office space with glass partitions rather than walls internally. Interventions such as access and fire exits will need to be considered.
This unusual architectural design would lend itself to a financial centre.

The Convent : About
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